Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

This year has been exciting and busy. Kaitlyn Nicole was born January 14. We went to Yellowstone National Park for a week this summer. We enjoyed going snowmobiling in the winter and boating in the summer. We purchased a trailer and are excited to go camping in it next year.

Jason is working at FamilySearch.  He decided he wanted to write code more than manage and so took a position as a Senior Engineer with the Photos and Stories team.  He wants everyone to check out he new site upload a photo of an ancestor.  He was just released as Elders Quorum President and now is a Bear Cub Den Leader with Kristine… and LOVING it.   His massive honey-do list and seven kids keep him busy, but occasionally he finds time to fish and play basketball.

Kristine is busy with seven children and spends her days helping with homework and school projects. She maintains the house and carpools the kids to their numerous activities. Despite being ridiculously busy she still is always coming up with new projects (hence Jason's massive honey-do list).  When she gets a free minute she does genealogy or takes a nap. She also ran the St. George marathon (j/k).

Elisabeth (12) is now wearing makeup, going to Young Women's, doing craft projects, babysitting and playing the piano. She is in junior high and loving it.  This Christmas she is hoping to get a cell phone.

 Rebekah (11) enjoys playing the piano, basketball, and fishing with her Dad.  She is in the Advance 5th grade class is excelling.

 Jonathan (9) loves that his den leaders are his parents.  He loves to play piano and the guitar.  He plays soccer, tennis, and basketball.  He is fantastic at hiking and video games.  He is in the Advance 3rd grade class and doing great.

Jacob (6) is in 1st grade. He plays t-ball, soccer and basketball.  He is always busy.

Kayla (5) is Mom's big helper.  She is great with Kaitlyn. When the big kids are in school, she is he boss of the house. She is learning to read and getting ready for kindergarten.

Justin (2) loves trains, exploring and is super polite. He always says please and thank you. He likes throwing the Christmas ornament balls to see if they bounce. They don't.  I don't know if we will have any ornaments left on the tree in a few days. He wants a train table for Christmas.

Kaitlyn (11 months) is growing and exploring. She smiles at everyone she meets.  She will be walking any day now.

We feel very blessed and grateful for this past year and of course for all of our family and friends and how you have each enriched our lives. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and pray that you will all enjoy an even better 2014!

Happy Holidays
Jason, Kristine, Elisabeth, Rebekah, Jonathan,
Jacob, Kayla, Justin and Kaitlyn Daniels

Fall 2013

School has started.  Jonathan and Jacob are playing soccer.  We are having fun doing lots of things.

Elisabeth 7th grade

Rebekah 5th grade.

Jonathan 3rd Grade
Jacob 1st Grade

Jonathan watching Kaitlyn

Kayla's 5th Birthday

Kaitlyn 7 months

My boys hanging out.

Going to the Zoo.

Jacob's soccer team.

Summer 2013

Summer was full of fun-filled activites. We went swimming, hiking, boating, camping, fishing, parades, tennis, and a trip to Yellowstone.....

 Jacob participated in T-Ball. He had lots of fun. He was a good hitter.

We celebrated Elisabeth's birthday. She has turned 12 and joined Young Womens.

Elisabeth's ballet Recital

Elisabeth's Jazz Recital


Bridal Veil Falls


We went to Yellowstone in June.  We had lots of fun.  We were planing on taking Jason's parents trailer, but when we hooked up the trailer we found out that our air compressor shocks were broken.  No towing until we fixed it.  We left on our trip not knowing what we were going to do or stay.  We got a hotel in Idaho Falls and visited the temple.  The coolest park with a 3 story slide is right next to the temple where we had a picnic. We canceled our RV Park reservations and then got last minute reservations at a different hotel every night.  The top of our car was full of all of our luggage.  We had and adventure and made it work.  It was hard to unload the car every night and then reload it every morning.  Most of our meals we made on Jason's mini camp stove.  We even had meals under tarps while it rained on us. We saw bison, elk, brown bear, moutain goat, beaver, waterfalls, geyers, Old Faitful, and may other things.  The brown bear was right next to our car.  The kids were so excited to see one that close.  The kids each got a pocket knife with their name on it.  They loved to whittle on their sticks to see how sharp they could get it.  On the way home we ate a burger king and of course got the king hats.

Jonathan on top of the car tying our stuff down.

Idaho Falls Temple

Jacob playing on playground

Kayla  playing on playground.

Playgroud we had a picnic at near Idaho Falls Temple with 3 story slide.

Lower Mesa Falls near Yellowstone.

Family at Upper Mesa Falls

Mesa Falls

Justin checking out the sites.

Jonathan, Rebekah, and Jacob wittling

Watching a geyser

Near Old Faithful.

Watching geysers.

Kayla having fun.

Jason and Jacob.

Kayla by waterfall into a pool.

Yellowstone falls. Elisabeth, Justin, Jacob, Kristine, Jonathan, Kayla, and Rebekah

We love our hats from Burger King.

Yellowstone Falls.
Jason went to some work conferences in San Fransico and Colorado.

We were in the Perry City Parade.

Jonathan catching fish at Mirror Lake after rain storm and jumping the battery in the motorhome.  Went with the Rooks and the Raymonds, had smores, hot dogs, and glow in the dark bracelets.

Kayla catching fish on Camping trip to Uintas.
4th July Fireworks

Kayla with her sparkler.

Kayla 6 months old.

Camping at Granite Flats with Stranges, Schramms, and Robbins...

Group Picture at our great group campsite.

Fishing at Tibble Fork.

Rafting at Tibble Fork.

Dinosaur muesuem.  We did the puzzle =).

Group shot at Dino.  Every year we take this picture.

Group Pic at Hogle Zoo.